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Ink Factory Studio Discusses the Benefits of Visual Note Taking!


Ink Factory Studio Co-Founders, Dusty Folwarczny and Lindsay Roffe, joined Nicole on HR in the Fast Lane to discuss their creative and truly innovative Visual Note Taking services along with the many services they have implemented to help organizations offer visual learning options for their teams and clients.

Learn how they have merged their talents and experience in graphic design, art, communications, and management consulting to build this unique and ground breaking service for businesses. 

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Learn How to Get the Best Performance from Others Through Better Leadership!


Leaders vs. Managers

This short course in leadership will change your life

and the way you work!

Leadership and management are different yet complementary disciplines for moving companies forward.  Too frequently, the practice of leadership is confused with management, with negative consequences for the company.

Learn what makes an effective leader and how you can influence and make differences in the attitudes, behaviors, and performance of those around you!

Transform Leaders!

This course addresses:

  • Values and Character: How values affect behaviors and attitudes for better teamwork, collaboration, and engagement.
  • Leaders versus Managers: How the leadership mindset affects accountability,… Continue reading

No More Boring Job Posts; See how Skill Scout is Changing Recruiting!


Skill Scout CEO & Co-Founder, Elena Valentine, joined Nicole on HR in the Fast Lane to discuss the new and revolutionary methods her company uses to "spice up" the options in the job posting world.

From researcher to company founder, Elena, shares what motivated her to start Skill Scout. Learn how the job search industry is changing and how you and be at the forefront. Exciting recruiting options can help change your "Boring Job Post" to one that guarantees top talent!

To learn more about transforming your hiring process, go to


Wellness Programs Taken to a New Level: Meet No Bad Reps!


No Bad Reps Co-Founders, Nick Rocco and John Romanelli, joined Nicole on HR in the Fast Lane to discuss their unique and innovative approach to corporate wellness programs.

As companies explore wellness program options for their employees, they are increasingly looking to find new and individualized options for their team. No Bad Reps offers an approach to health & wellness that gives each client what they need and nothing that they don't. And, they offer some fabulous "Creative Cool Healthy Recipes!"

To learn more about No Bad Reps unique platform that offers solutions for… Continue reading

3 Pillars to Wellness in the Workplace!


The concept of well-being is becoming increasingly important not only in retaining talent but also in creating a high-performance business.

Every business can realize positive returns by embracing a philosophy of wellness in the workplace. Wellness is more than just a program or benefit but a true commitment to achieving higher levels of mental and physical well-being.

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Building Trust in Business; a Discussion with Bob Lambert of Samurai Business Group.


Bob Lambert, Founding Partner at Samurai Business Group, joined Nicole on HR in the Fast Lane to discuss the importance of building trust in business.

As an accomplished business development executive, he provides comprehensive and highly focused educational programs for aspiring top salespeople. His unique insights on trust and integrity in an organization are invaluable to every business leader, no matter the industry. Don't miss this fascinating conversation!

Learn more about Samurai Business Group and Nicole's guest, Founding Partner, Bob Lambert, at


Storytelling for Business & Personal Success!

Nicole welcomed Sarah Victory, CEO of The Victory Company, to HR in the Fast Lane to discuss why communications and, especially, storytelling is an important skill for both personal and business success!

Sarah shares her captivating and true story of how "Do Something Brave Every Day!" became more than just words and inspired her book!

Don't miss this truly delightful interview! To learn more about Sarah and her full service speaking and consulting firm go to

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HRBoost, LLC. Receives 2017 Award for Business Excellence!


HRBoost, LLC. was thrilled to be recognized by the Daily Herald Business Ledger as a 2017 honoree in the 27th Annual Awards for Business Excellence recognition program. This award was graciously accepted by CEO, Nicole Martin, on behalf of the entire team.

HRBoost, LLC. is a unique and innovative small company. Not only does it offer other small and medium sized businesses access to all of the HR resources of a large corporation through both managed services and a la carte offerings, but it also offers innovative work/life balance for its own employees. HRBoost has filled a unique niche… Continue reading

Engaging Employees for Everyone’s Success!

David Gross, CEO of Clutch Global Logistics, Inc., joined Nicole on HR in the Fast Lane to discuss how employees and clients are encouraged to share their ideas. Learn the strategies they have implemented to acknowledge and reward those who are helping to make Clutch Global Logistics a great place to work!

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