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Tidbits from Day 1 at The Motivation Show

In case you missed The Motivation Show sponsored by 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For today, know there are two more days! I wanted to share a few tidbits from sessions I attended today…

Gary Hamel, Author: The Future of Management ” You can’t win unless you get the best out of your people!”

Bruce Bolger, Presenter: “Engagement is a skill, a discipline connecting people to profitability. It is beyond satisfaction and it cannot be faked.”

The Thiagi Group, Presenter: Q: “How do you get people motivated to learn?” A: Captivation, Choice, Collaboration, Confidence, Challenge and Consequence.

G.J. Heart, Keynote, CEO Texas Roadhouse and now California Pizza Kitchen: “Build relationships local…integrate the energy of giving back…invest in people as people make great companies…create lifetime experiences….listen…great things came from our 20/20 Feedback Forum with representation across the company, often simple and low cost initiatives with great value.”

So much value in attending! Don’t miss out as there are many more sessions to come this week! Learn more at The Motivation Show

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