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Learn How to Get the Best Performance from Others Through Better Leadership!


Leaders vs. Managers

This short course in leadership will change your life

and the way you work!

Leadership and management are different yet complementary disciplines for moving companies forward.  Too frequently, the practice of leadership is confused with management, with negative consequences for the company.

Learn what makes an effective leader and how you can influence and make differences in the attitudes, behaviors, and performance of those around you!

Transform Leaders!

This course addresses:

  • Values and Character: How values affect behaviors and attitudes for better teamwork, collaboration, and engagement.
  • Leaders versus Managers: How the leadership mindset affects accountability, innovation, and productivity.
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: How four key styles build competence and drive higher performance.
  • Culture Trumps Strategy: How a values-driven, employee centric culture creates a competitive advantage others will envy.

Transform Your Company!

This program is designed for companies seeking to:

  • Do things differently;
  • Lead rather than follow;
  • Have broad broad-ranging, positive impact on business through their people!

Transform Your Culture!

Today’s competitive environment demands more from every aspect of one’s business, especially the people within it.  Yet, getting employees from different backgrounds and generations working together appears to be harder today than ever before.  How do you get everyone not merely moving in the same direction but excited about their work, willingly and freely giving more each day to achieve success?

Leaders vs. Managers is a short, four-week course in leadership that will change the perspectives of managers about their most important asset – the people through whom they achieve their success


Take Your Leadership to the Next Level UP! 

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