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Financial Reform and the so called “Trojan Horse”!

Here is some fine print not to be missed if you are doing business with the government or have any interest of developing a subcontractor relationship in the future. HRBoost, LLC is skilled in the administration of compliance programs including EEO, Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action. If you find this new legislation has you unprepared I understand. In fact, it may give many an employer in the private sector cause for concern. Such a requirement can be overwhelming especially if your administrative process for recruitment and development is not established.

The intent of such legislation is to further require employers to design and monitor  on all related procedures, including but not limited to:

  • recruiting, hiring, training, promoting, and transferring applicants and employees in job classifications without discrimination;
  • basing decisions on employment so as to further the principle of equal employment opportunity;
  • ensuring that no employee or applicant for employment is subject to harassment, intimidation, threats, coercion or discrimination for filing a complaint or assisting in an investigation, compliance review, or hearing related to any law requiring equal opportunity for covered individuals;
  • ensuring that promotion and transfer decisions are in accord with principles of Equal Employment Opportunity by imposing only valid, job-related requirements for such opportunities; and
  • ensuring that all other personnel actions, such as compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs, return from layoffs, training and educational assistance and social and recreational programs will be administered without discrimination.

If you haven’t read it yet then know that government agencies (i.e. DOL, OFCCP) have made records in 2010 with regards to enforcement and settlements. This is not about writing a program and placing it on the shelf, it must be an active program that requires training of key decision makers. It is important to have an established program to uphold consistent practices and demonstrate good faith. If you find you are not prepared please do not consider foregoing doing business with the government. Simply give HRBoost a call as we can help you without breaking the bank!

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