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In Case You Missed Our First Working Wellness Event


What a glorious evening at the Catalyst Ranch; the first of a series of four Working Health events ended up being one that was informational and inspirational. With experts outlining the benefits of integrated health, decoding health and beauty products and secrets behind plant-based living, everyone who attended walked away with something new; literally, with amazing giveaways and samples from MOON-Organics, it indeed was a fun-filled event.

Glo with Healthful Habits

Glo with Healthful Habits

First, Gloria Athanis, Health & Wellness Expert, and Partner of Healthful Habits, started off the event by teaching everyone Dalma Do, a breathing technique to help boost focus and energy. Gloria recommended adding this technique into your daily routine, especially at work, every 30 minutes to bring focus to your day. Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to step aside, stand up, and take a breath; so simple, yet extremely powerful. Especially if you have a desk job, it is very important to ensure you stand up at least every 30 minutes.

Gloria then introduced to us to New York Times Best-Selling Author of THE CHINA STUDY, and Biochemist at Cornell University, Dr. T. Colin Campbell via a skype chat! This interactive video conference called allowed people from the audience to ask Dr. Campbell any question they had in regards to plant-based living and many people were blessed they had this opportunity to receive answers from an expert in the field.

Susan Gonzales

Susan Gonzalez

 Next, Susan Gonzalez, Nurse, Cancer Survivor, Health Expert, Author of 100 Perks of Having Cancer, Creator of Cancer Plan 4 Life and last but not least, Owner of MOON-Organics Natural Skin Care, explained to the audience her story and the science behind her beauty product line. Susan reminded us all how many skin care products we actually use… from the time we wake up in the morning until it’s time to wash up and get ready for bed, on average we probably use about 5-15 different skin care products that can be toxic to our bodies. She taught us that when you put on your lotion, or your shaving cream, and even when you wash your hands, you are essentially giving yourself a “dose”. She teaches how harmful everyday products can be to our bodies and simply wants to bring awareness to what we put in and on our bodies. Susan offered to research and check out the products you use to find out whether they are harmful or not.

Then, D Anthony Evans, Spokesperson for Fresh Start for Our Youth, Strength Coach,and Cancer Survivor  told us his life story dealing with different diseases and how he managed to survive. While all in awe of his strength and courage, D Anthony shows us his balance skills and how breath, mediation and a plant-based diet are all so very vital to his life and recovery.  D also told us how a Fresh Start for Our Youth saved his life when he was younger and credits much of his upbringing to them. Fresh Start supports at risk youth struggling with health & addiction issues.

D. Anthony

D. Anthony Evans

Then, without further-or do, as all of our tummies are rumbling and anxious to try some of Master Chef HC Choi’s food, Chef HC shows us a quick demo of how to make his “Green Goddess” dressing. Chef Choi is a leading vegan chef and partner of Healthful Habits and teaches thousands of people how to eat and cook delicious, clean, plant-based foods.

Chef HC Choi

Chef HC Choi

As the evening went on, we were all able to eat a delicious plant-based meal prepared by Chef HC and reflect on how important it is to bring health and wellness into not only the workplace, but in your personal life as well. Eating healthier foods and putting non-toxic chemicals into your body are ways we can all boost and build a better self today.

Thanks to all for such a wonderful event! Keep an eye out for our next event coming to Catalyst Ranch soon!team photo

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