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Whether you have 5 employees or 500, there are almost 200 “things” associated with Employment, Employees, or ‘HR’ that can drive a business to the highest levels of success, or... devastate its bottom line.

This is not some 60 second “stacked” survey that gives you worthless information.

It is a simple but powerful unbiased 10 minute scorecard opportunity, with no “right” or “wrong” answers.

This mini gap “assessment” is just “a process to determine the value of something”, and it starts with simply finding out what “employment things” a company is doing now and has in place now.  This also identifies things that are not being done now, and they become an “HR opportunity bucket” of new initiatives that might be useful, depending on your business objectives.

By separating out what you are doing from what you are not doing now in your company, we can show you an unbiased “gap analysis” where, in the business performance areas that are important to you, you can see where things might need fixing or be targets for improvement. Click on the images to the right or these links to see our HR Value Pyramid and a sample of what your HR Scorecard / Dashboard will look like.

To keep this exercise simple, on the next page just check off the things that you are doing now (and honestly do well) or that you have in place now.  If it is something you’re uncertain or have a concern about, check the “Let’s Discuss More” box as a reminder to address it.

Then we’ll give you some valuable business reports for consideration…

We aim to meet you wherever you are on your journey to being a best place to work.