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Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), also known as Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), can reduce costs in the long run but it really is the people that provide competitive advantage. Systems like these can briefly be defined as integrated systems used to gather, store and extract information for analysis with respect to human resources. Technology developments are consistently allowing for the transactional necessities of human resources to improve overall efficiency. When implemented successfully, these systems have the potential to free resources, streamline data collection, and improve accuracy allowing for greater focus on strategic imperatives.

HRBoost understands that HRIS/HRMS is not limited to the selection, integration and implementation of hardware and/or software. For an organization to realize the investment in the technology, it must also include people, policy, procedure, and utilization for full integration and ROI.

The selection of such systems is complex. This is unique to every organization and both tangible and intangible factors must be addressed for successful utilization. Many obstacles, including people can keep an organization from fully realizing the benefit of technology with respect to human resource practices.

A successful implementation of your technology solution is the real challenge when considering HRIS/HRMS. HRBoost is skilled to support an organization through the Project Management cycle. Various approaches may be considered but typically the project goes from inception to completion. Remember, making the right selection is only Phase One of your project. Often employers are sold HRIS/HRMS thinking it will address all of their HR concerns. Quite simply, that is not the case. Having an experienced  partner like HRBoost means having someone at the table that has done it before and not as the sales person but as the person that had to implement it on the inside of the company.