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Lead or Be Led?

This was a recently posted question within the HR LinkedIn Group and it is food for thought. As I pondered it personally it became evident to me that the two need not be mutually exclusive of one another. For example, HR leadership is integral to the value of an organization. Equally integral are the people that make it all happen and the leadership that provides for an objective for the people. In fact, to add value in any context, I would pose that one must operate between the constructs of leadership and being led. Often the opportunity presents itself where we can be leaders. It is common for that the perceived best measures in practice are lead strategies vs. lag strategies. Despite this, leaders must be evolutionary and take guidance from others. A true leader is learning constantly and it is important to note that often innovations come from the ground up in organizations. Thus, everyone is being led or leading at one time or another. To become focused on one without the fluidity to adapt to the other is precisely how the big picture gets missed. To be led blindly or to lead others blindly is negligent. If the leader in any context drops the ball by leading blindly, nothing works. It will never matter if a leader is right if no one is listening. There is no I in WE and together we can accomplish more.

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