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HRBoost Announces BoostU


Leadership Boost Program!


HRBoost is excited to announce our NEW FIVE PART COURSE
specifically developed for NEW LEADERS AND MANAGERS!

It’s the small business quandary. As your business grows you need to place people in management decisions. You want to promote from within. After all, these are the people who know your business and have helped you grow! However, managers face new challenges and you want your people to be prepared.

That’s why HRBoost has created our Leadership Boost Program, a five half-day interactive course aimed specifically at small and medium-sized businesses that can help your new managers make the transition from being a contributor to the business to becoming one of its leaders.

Our Leadership Boost Program focuses on the people side of management. There is no greater challenge to new leaders than gaining the skills to productively work through others and to communicate and work well with people.

Each session your people will have the opportunity to learn new techniques, tactics and perspectives, to discuss actions they might take with peers, to question and to practice.

Leadership Boost Program Sessions:
    logo with white background    Session One:  Suddenly You’re a Leader

    logo with white background 2    Session Two:  Communicating Effectively

    logo with white background 3    Session Three:  Working Through Others

    logo with white background 4    Session Four:  The Nitty-Gritty of Managing

    logo with white background 5    Session Five:  Review and Application

     Every session will include:
  • Engaging knowledge
  • Immediately applicable tools
  • Relevant reading
  • Open questions
  • Lively peer discussion
  • Interactive exercises
  • Scenario and real-world practice
  • Identification of key personal “takeaways” and “what I will do differently”
  • Review of previous session after integration and application

Our Leadership Boost Program has value for your new leaders and managers – AND your existing executives as well. Incorporating knowledge from science and top business thinkers, it’s a boost for anyone who wants or needs to lead.

Leadership Boost is offered in two formats – within your organization with your leaders, or as a multi-client cohort combining leaders from two or more non-competitive businesses. Either way, the course will incorporate the latest research and provide a forum for learning, questioning, practicing and support.

Let’s have a discussion about why you should 
give your leadership a Boost!
Contact us at 
or 847.736.5085 for more information about theLeadership Boost Program and our newBoostU learning services.


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