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How do you kill a talent pipeline?

How do you kill a talent pipeline?

Interviewing quantity or quality, there is one process improvement every company can make if they have not incorporated it already. The first rule to building a solid talent pipeline is writing letters to rejected or disqualified job applicants AND sending them.

It often is overlooked, especially in a growing company with lean resources. Yet, it is something so administratively simple that even the Receptionist can help you get it done. It is often never thought of, especially these days, when fewer openings and many seekers can mean a deluge of candidates for each job.

Yet, survey after survey indicates there is one thing prospective workers dislike about the application process — the fact they never hear from a company after an interview. Even after a resume submission an auto-reply can be set up for receipt of candidate applications for consideration and this is also something I suggest. You need not have a fancy Applicant Tracking system to keep the communication exchange positive and timely.

Rejection letters help the message get through: They may not have successfully landed this job but you retain their information for up to one year to consider them for other openings that may come available.More importantly, with that information, they also learn an important lesson:

This company CARES enough to let me know! If you are not sending these forms of communications out, the opposite is true.Courtesies like these can go a long way in business. ^NM

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