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Despite the statistics, you can find a great place to work!

In recent years there is little argument among business professionals that large segments of employees are very unhappy at work and in their work environment. One must delve deeper to truly understand the many reasons for negative emotions in the workplace. Despite this fact, there are companies that face the challenges of building a competitive advantage by teaming with their workforce, rolling up their sleeves and rallying, “Go for it!” I graciously received an article from a dear connection, Ms. Freddie Jacob, SVP of Organization Development for Mutual Trust Financial Group. Mutual Trust is a company that has been recognized for years consecutively with Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.  It is evident what a significant achievement it is to obtain recognition in best practices in human resources given the results of surveys cited in the article titled,  The Employer-Employee Bond Frays Further. The article cites 32 percent of the so-called “baby boomers” said that they are leaving a company because of lack of trust. Let’s remember that trust is engendered by leaders. Credibility may be all that is left at the end of the day and while the best companies face rough times like everyone else, there is a right way to do things and when it is done with care and compassion, one gains credibility. If you ask me, credibility is cash. The article goes on to report that 47 percent of woman and 44 percent of men feel that they are underpaid. This can impact productivity significantly! And with more companies doing more with less, open communication regarding pay as part of a total compensation/benefits philosophy is important. Not surprisingly, 32 percent of workers are really considering leaving their jobs and possibly expect to change jobs within the next year. Statistics report that 32 percent of workers are seriously considering leaving their organization now, which is nine percentage points higher than what is was in 2005. Lastly, there is a statistic that shows 64 percent of workers under the age of 25 are unhappy at their jobs. This is the highest level of job dissatisfaction since 1987 when the study began. Generation “Next” as they are referred maintain open views to globalization, technology and generally are not cynical. Thus, such a high statistic suggests communications internally have not been geared to reach out to them. To bridge the gap between generations in the workplace is an opportunity that every employer should consider.

In light of such recent statistics regarding employee engagement, there is nothing more refreshing than reviewing the 2011 Winners of Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For. Congratulations to the 101 Winners for 2011 Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For 2011, you should carry the torch proudly that despite the challenges you managed to keep your workforce engaged and when it comes to talent having their choice, it will be the best employee practices that reign.

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