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Clients Helping Employees Become Happier, Healthier, and More Productive!

As I am pleased to serve not for profit clients, I often serve as advisor or HR department on call. HRBoost proudly serves a newly launched local not for profit. I personally have seen and experienced how the workforce experiences emotional stress, anxiety, depression, etc. and while many employers provide Employee Advisory Resource programs (EAP) this client offers something that is unique. In fact, I can see how EAP providers may be interested. Up to 20% of an organization’s workforce may be less productive as they are bogged down with the challenges of sourcing fundamental resources for themselves or their family.  Sadly, many attempt to source the help they need and are left confused and frustrated with the overwhelming amount of information online. Resources like Traveling Total Treatment (TTT) can be sponsored by employers and public agencies and over time they may ultimately reduce an employer’s disability costs, medical costs and pharmacy costs.

Please learn more about my client as she truly aims to create a valued resource in Illinois. Traveling Total Treatment (TTT) aims to assist you in boosting employee productivity, improving morale, and in providing necessary support and guidance to both you and your employees.

Traveling Total Treatment Bringing a Personal Touch to Outreach Programs

 Helping Employees Become Happier, Healthier, and More Productive!

Certainly HR departments want employees who are going through a difficult time to have access to resources in a timely manner. Families usually need to retrieve information from more than one outreach program. Traveling Total Treatment (TTT) is providing a collaborative solution, making it easier for employees to access an array  of assistance programs by personalizing and simplifying information through “face to face” communication. TTT will organize and produce information sites (rooms or space) starting throughout Lake County, IL, giving employees a regular and reliable source of information on needed health and wellness services provided to them in their neighborhood. TTT will give detailed answers to questions including help with the appropriate application forms. Employees can often spend working hours on the Internet or on phones seeking out this much-needed information. TTT provides resources that can allow employees in need of public services with the information and interpretation of what is within reach all while creating the opportunity  for a more productive company. Here are some examples of personal obstacles that employees are facing:

  • More and more households are taking in mom/dad which is a huge caregiver responsibility. If mom and dad do not have the funds/resources to support themselves, the baby-boomers are left with the responsibility. Since so many of the boomers have not prepared for the role of a caregiver, they are scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do. Many individuals including the Hispanic community may not be aware of all of the governmental resources available because of a language barrier; a cultural barrier; they lack a home computer; transportation issues … Become a Part of the TTT Solution to Help Employees and Companies Succeed!

You can learn more about TTT and Founder, Anka Starke by visiting their web-site: Of course, she welcomes direct communication as well at .

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