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Are your employee’s feeling the love?

Like any relationship, the employer – employee relationship can benefit from the annual temperature reading. The question is, do you dare ask? You may be familiar with Pulse Survey’s, Engagement Tools and Opinion Surveys but survey’s like anything, can work for you or against you. Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For offers a Comprehensive Human Resource and Employee Assessment. Thus, it is the perfect low-cost tool available to not only ask the question but get a road map on how to interpret the answer and make corrective actions if needed. If only every relationship could be so leveraged!

Strategy should play a role in determining the best tool for measuring engagement. If an organization is seeking a benchmark for best practices in their respective region as well as pulse on topical areas like Compensation/Benefits, Development Perception, Equity, Value Assessment, Retention/Commitment, Recognition, Communication, Work-Life Balance, Community Initiatives, and Diversity/Multiculturalism then this evaluation process may be a value added tool to set annual strategic objectives for your executive team. It certainly is the most comprehensive tool I have encountered for the investment and engagement tools should not have to break the budget to make an impact.

This comprehensive assessment is qualitative and quantitative. Studies have shown that the Likert Scale is more desirable than a point scale with more variables. The format of a typical five-level Likert item is:

  1. Strongly disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Neither agree nor disagree
  4. Agree
  5. Strongly agree

While the HR Survey is comprehensive and thorough the employee questionnaire is simple with short, easy to understand statements. This leaves little room for misinterpretation and lost meaning via double barrel inquiries. It is designed with the overall HR Strategy in mind and all topical areas are touched on for a big picture assessment. The employee questionnaire incorporates open-ended questions but they are limited to two. These are limited as quantitative data is more reliable. Regardless, they can be insightful and value added. The best part about this process is how the data is evaluated against what the employer assessments are. The integration of these two perspectives can be very enlightening. Furthermore, the employer gets detailed reports (30 Pages) to interpret the findings against the norm percentages for their demographic as well as the percentages for the leading companies in the region with respect to Best Practices in every category aforementioned.

It is critical that employers know what is important to their workforce. If you design a benefits, policy and/or engagement strategy without assessing your cultural inferences you may be investing your time, energy and money in the wrong bucket. Asking your workforce is never enough. One must understand how their workforce defines “the love”, before you can deliver “the love” they may be seeking.

Are you ready to find out if your employee’s are feeling the love? If so, call HRBoost, LLC. today! We are happy to introduce your organization to the Comprehensive Engagement tool provided by Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For. Time is still available to participate in the 2011 Assessment period. Don’t wait until your talent leaves to work for your competition.

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