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Nicole Martin

Nicole Martin is the CEO and Founder of HRBoost™, a full-service human resources consultancy. HRBoost is partnered with the 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For™, a non-profit that promotes best practices in human resource management. After gaining nearly 20 years of human resource experience in everything from small start-ups to enterprise size corporations, Nicole Martin struck out on her own and founded HRBoost in 2010. Her vision was to provide a dedicated resource, offering the best advisement to businesses that didn’t have an internal human resources department. Today, HRBoost offers over 170 services and a team of professionals who provide our clients with proven, measurable results. 

At HRBoost we believe that investing in people should be as systematic as investing in any other vital resource to your business. Every single employee is a representation of your brand. The opportunity to align your workforce to your vision is the difference between creating a solid brand that attracts and retains high-value employees and a brand that sends the same talent to the competition.

When you work with HRBoost, we begin with a comprehensive assessment of your HR function. This assessment covers all eleven functional areas of your practice and is designed to give you a detailed overview that identifies gaps and outlines opportunities to help your business attract and retain the talent it needs to grow and thrive.

Influential Business Women Award

What makes HRBoost unique is our integrated approach to your business, one that combines tactical and strategic human resources services. When used at the same time, this approach can transform your company’s HR function from an overhead department to a cost-saving wellspring that fosters a healthy corporate culture and growth. Whether you need to build a human resources department from the ground up or just want to improve on what you already have, HRBoost offers customized solutions scaled to fit your unique needs. With HRBoost as a resource, you’ll have access to what you need when you need it, offsite or onsite, using your employees or ours. 

Nicole is also the author of the chapter, HR Practices: The Human Side of Profitability, in the book, The Book by Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs. In addition, she is the host of “HR in the Fast Lane” on advisor.TV.