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Building Engagement

A great question was posted in the LinkedIn Group for 101 Best and Brightest Winners and I think it is worth sharing at large. The question was, “Does your company do an excellent job of building employee engagement and satisfaction? Looking for strategies on building employee satisfaction and company spirit during a time of growth! Ideas?”

I shared that lately I find myself reminding my clients that it is really all about how people feel. Engagement can be subjective but to create a culture around engagement, I have found that first, engaging companies understand that tough-minded caring is essential to leading and developing a powerful, fully engaged workforce. Second, I have been told that nowhere in nature, let alone in organizations do we find such a thing as stability. By creating a culture that allows people to grow, we are expanding our capacities for engagement. Next, when people are contributing in a significant way they can experience an inexplicable peace of mind. To be clear and energized. To know the right information at the right time…suddenly we can feel we belong! Employees must know they are contributing to the whole. Which brings me back to how we make people feel…winning companies (those recognized for engagement and best practices) create purpose…meaningful purpose in the work. Meeting these needs can be difficult but it has been done by many a 101 Best and Brightest Winner. I hope this helps many a business leader in building unique strategy for their team. Live inspired and engaged! ^NM

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